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Band playing in Cultural District

Cultural District Certification

Established Oklahoma districts that meet program criteria may be eligible to receive formal certification as an Oklahoma Arts Council Certified Cultural District. NOTE: Cultural District Certification is currently inactive due to budget cuts.

Certified Cultural Districts

Learn more about each Oklahoma Arts Council Certified Cultural District below:


Program Purpose

The purpose of the Cultural District Certification program is to:


Benefits of being a Certified Cultural District


Criteria for Certification

To be considered for certification, applicants must demonstrate the following in their application:


Application and Renewal of Certification

NOTE: Cultural District Certification is currently inactive due to budget cuts.

The Oklahoma Arts Council accepts program applications every three years. Districts that have been certified in the past must demonstrate that they continue to meet certification guidelines by applying for renewal every three years.

The Oklahoma Arts Council reserves the right at any time to check compliance for certification.

What is a cultural district?

In general, a cultural district is a mixed-use area of a community in which a high concentration of arts and cultural facilities or activities serves as the anchor of attraction. Cultural districts can be found in communities of all sizes - rural and urban. Ideally, a district reflects its community's unique built environment and history, showcases the region's artists and cultural traditions, and increases social engagement.

Cultural districts act as an agent for positive growth in a community by:

Learn more about the Oklahoma Arts Council's Cultural District Initiative.

For more information contact our Community Arts Director.