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Students visiting the Betty Price Gallery during a visit to the Oklahoma State Capitol via a Capitol Art Travel Subsidies Grant.

Arts in Schools

How We Can Help

Arts education can play an important role in improving academic performance in Oklahoma. Studies show that students who have four years of high school arts education score higher on college entrance exams than students with little or no arts education. Arts education often improves performance in math and science, increases school attendance, promotes civic engagement, and decreases anti-social behavior.

The Oklahoma Arts Council seeks to improve education in Oklahoma by offering services and grants for programs that help students in Oklahoma schools reach their creative potential.


For grantwriting or program development assistance contact our Arts Education Director.


Grants from the Oklahoma Arts Council help students harness and develop their creativity and improve their education. Arts education gives students the tools they need to compete in a global and creative workforce. Grants for arts education in schools are listed below:

Capitol Art Travel Subsidies
CURRENTLY INACTIVE DUE TO BUDGET CUTS. Available to schools throughout the state, the program reimburses schools for transportation to the Oklahoma State Capitol where students can have an engaging educational experience in the arts. Students will learn about the art at the Capitol and the historical events and people depicted in the works. Parents and teachers can download a Capitol Art Field Trip Guide to accompany their visit.

Performing Arts Corps Grants
CURRENTLY INACTIVE DUE TO BUDGET CUTS. Schools statewide can bring in one of our four Performing Arts Corps artists for two workshops and a school-wide performance. The program is offered at a minimal cost and time commitment for the school. Workshops are intended for 4th and or 5th grade students.

Small Grant Support for Schools
All K-12 public and private, non-religious schools can apply for Small Grant Support for Schools to support eligible arts education programs. Individual schools are eligible for two grants of up to $2,500 per school year, with a cash match requirement equaling 10 percent of each project budget.

Arts in Alternative Education Grants
Alternative education schools within the Oklahoma State Department of Education system are eligible for two grants of up to $2,500 per school year in grant funding for arts education programming. A 5 percent cash match is required.

Arts in Education Grants
Nonprofit organizations can apply for funding to administer arts education programs in schools during normal school hours.

For more information please contact our Arts Education Director.

See the Arts in Communities page for arts education programs that take place outside of normal school hours.