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Logos and Ads


Acknowledging the Oklahoma Arts Council

Acknowledgment Requirements for Grantees: A Quick Reference Guide

As noted in Oklahoma Arts Council grant contracts, grantees must appropriately acknowledge the Oklahoma Arts Council for providing funding for their programs. Acknowledgments may be required to be made in up to four ways:

  1. Image Acknowledgment (Oklahoma Arts Council Logo)
  2. Image Acknowledgment (Oklahoma Arts Council Ads)
  3. Written Acknowledgment
  4. Verbal Acknowledgment

For details about appropriately acknowledging the Oklahoma Arts Council, download and review our Acknowledgment Requirements for Grantees: A Quick Reference Guide and ensure your organization is meeting its contractual obligations.


Note: The Oklahoma Arts Council logo should only be used in conjunction with programs funded by Oklahoma Arts Council grants. We reserve the right to ask users to remove logos from their materials. To inquire about the use of our logo, contact our Director of Marketing & Communications.

Select and download a logo type below:

National Endowment for the Arts logos can be found here.


Organizations receiving Major Grant Support or Organizational Support are required to use Council ads in their printed programs. Please select from the list below - feel free to choose any of the ads. Ads are pdf files and each version is available cropped or with printers marks.

If you have trouble with files or need a specific size please contact our Web/Publications Director. (NOTE: Some ads may no longer be available. New, updated ads will be made available soon).

Large ads (5.5" x 8.5")

Small ads (5" x 3.8125")

Small ads - column style (2.875" x 8")