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Sandra D. Williams, Ph.D.

Sandra D. Williams

Contact Information:

Sandra D. Williams
3905 East 92nd St
Perkins, OK 74059


(405) 612-6814



Theatre Arts


Elementary, Middle School, Hight School, Adults, Educators, Older Adults, At-risk Youth


Schools: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Alternative Education
Community Sites: Parks & Recreation Centers, Libraries, Senior Centers


Central Oklahoma, Tulsa Area, Year-round


Performing in kindergarten and directing neighborhood plays in the fourth grade, Sandra (pronounced Sondra) followed her artistic impulse through a PhD in Theatre. She began her Artist-in-Residence tenure with the Oklahoma Arts Council in 1985, directing plays and teaching workshops in Oklahoma's community theatres. School residencies started with At-Risk Youth, "by accident ? I owed the set designer a favor and took his alternative ed classes for a day. I loved it! I've been working in schools, and especially with alternative schools, for over ten years now. Performing in front of peers, friends and families, and open audiences takes people of all ages to a higher sense of accomplishment and capability." We work from physical non-verbal games and improvisation to verbal interaction and then to scripts, depending on the time and the desired learning outcomes. Theatre is fun, and always, it builds skills and self-esteem. Even shy people shine.

Learning Goals: