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Lynn Melton

Lynn Melton

Contact Information:

Lynn Melton
4266 156 Ave. SE
Noble, OK 73068-6210


(405) 872-8093
(405) 698-6891



Visual art: drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking and murals


Childhood, Adolescents, Adults, Youth at Risk, Older Adults


Schools: Middle School, High School, Youth at Risk, and Adults
Community Sites: art centers, libraries, parks, senior and recreation centers


Statewide; year-round


Lynn Melton has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montana State University. She specializes in printmaking, painting, mosaics, murals, pen and ink, and drawing with pastels and charcoal. Melton has been a resident artist since 1999, and, has been an Oklahoma Arts Council teaching roster artist since 2000. She has been a professional free-lance artist since the 1970s, participating in numerous art shows and commission work, doing paintings in various media, and drawing characters. She has illustrated for Saxon Publishing and has been a lab manager for Custom Developing and Finishing in Moore, where she was in charge of retouching and restoring photographs.

Learning Goals: