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Janey Carns Crain

Janey Carns Crain

Contact Information:

Janey Carns Crain
202 N. 4th St.
Noble, OK 73068


(405) 872-1748


Visual Arts


Early Childhood, Childhood, Adolescents, Youth at Risk, Adults, Elders and those with special needs


Schools: pre-k, elementary, middle, high, special ed, alternative ed
Community Sites: art centers, libraries, parks, senior and recreation centers


OKC metro, year-round


Janey Carns Crain, an exciting and devoted teaching artist who has a rich background in a wide range of art media and art history. She has studied the arts across Oklahoma and at the Kansas City Art Institute. In a residency with Janey, students are able to see, to touch and to use all means of learning, while creating original ceramic pieces, drawings or sculptures while they learn how their artwork directly relates to other curriculum areas.

Learning Goals: