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Gwendolyn Hooks

Gwendolyn Hooks

Contact Information:

Gwendolyn Hooks


(405) 672-6085



Creative Writing


Early childhood, childhood, adolescents, intergenerational, adult, older adult, youth at risk


Schools: pre-k, elementary, middle schools, alt-ed
Community Sites: parks & recreation centers, arts centers, libraries, senior centers


Statewide, year-round


Gwendolyn Hooks is a published author with eleven books for children, both fiction and nonfiction. She earned a B.S. in Secondary Education-Mathematics from the University of Missouri St. Louis. Hooks taught middle school math until she realized her passion for creative writing. Now she writes, teaches writing, and presents writing and inspirational programs to students, teachers, librarians and parents.

Hooks teaches pre-school through middle school students, and enjoys teaching writing to adult audiences. Using her own nonfiction books as examples Hooks explores the parts of a nonfiction book and leads students through the process of writing their own nonfiction.

Learning Goals: