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Doobie Potter

Doobie Potter

Contact Information:

Doobie Potter
1845 NW 11th #4
Oklahoma City,, OK 73106


(405) 524-0955 (evening)
(405) 833-2126 (day)



Theatre: Mime, play writing


Early Childhood, Elementary, High School, Alternative, Special Education and Older Adults


Schools: pre-k, elementary, middle, high, special ed, alternative ed
Community Sites: libraries and senior centers


Statewide, Year-round


Doobie Potter, a delightful dramatist and mime, studied theatre at C.S. Mott College and the University of Michigan. She also had extensive training at the Valley Studio of Mime where she was a member of the Wisconsin Mime Company. During her residencies, she stresses improvisation and alternative thinking in theatre, techniques of mime and creative dramatics. She can lead students through the whole production process from start to finish or help find different ways to stimulate a creative writing project, dramatize a book, expand non-verbal skills or write a play through improvisation and cooperative learning techniques.

Learning Goals: