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Oklahoma Arts CouncilOklahoma Arts Council

Christina Pickard

Pandora Tadefa-Everett

Contact Information:

Christina Pickard
524 NW 26th
Oklahoma City, OK 73103


(405) 521-0505


Visual Art


Early Childhood, Childhood, Adolescents, and Adults


Schools: All schools, colleges and universities
Community Sites: Art Centers, libraries, Senior Centers, Parks & Recreation Centers


Statewide, Year-round


Christina Pickard is an enthusiastic and invigorating artist who graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in painting and received a Master in Early Childhood/Montessori Education at Oklahoma City University. In her engaging residencies, Christina enables students to focus on the discovery process, explore a wide range of art media, and find new ways of working and learning in order to express themselves and develop their creativity.

Learning Goals: