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Interior of the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art


About Our Grants

Oklahoma Arts Council grants ensure individuals statewide have access to the arts. Much of the agency's budget is invested directly into Oklahoma communities in the form of grants, and more than 40 percent of the agency's grant funding supports arts and arts education programming in rural areas. Communities throughout the state benefit from Oklahoma Arts Council grants.

What We Fund

The Oklahoma Arts Council provides grants to eligible organizations for arts programs that take place in communities and schools. To view our grants click the appropriate link below:

Arts in Communities
Recognizing the value of the arts to quality of life, lifelong education, and community and economic development, we provide funding for community arts and community arts learning projects. Click here to learn more.

Arts in Schools
Because arts education can positively impact overall student achievement, improve critical thinking skills, and prepare students to succeed in the workforce, we provide grant funding for arts education programs that take place in schools during normal school hours. Click here to learn more.

Who We Fund

Click here for a list of grants made during fiscal year 2018.

Requirements to Acknowledge the Oklahoma Arts Council

Organizations that receive grant funding are required to appropriately acknowledge Oklahoma Arts Council support of their programs. Please refer to the Acknowledgment Requirements for Grantees: A Quick Reference Guide for details.

For more information about our grants, please contact our Grants Director.