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Teaching with Capitol Art

Artworks that address African Americans in Oklahoma History

Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher by Mitsuno Ishii Reedy
Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher was a leading activist, attorney, and educator who opened higher education to African-American students in Oklahoma and laid the foundation for the Brown v. Board of Education decision.
Albert Comstock Hamlin 1881-1912 by Simmie Knox
A. C. Hamlin, Republican, was the first African-American elected to the Oklahoma State Legislature. He was elected in 1908.
Benjamin Harrison Hill 1904-1971 by Simmie Knox
Benjamin Harrison Hill, Democrat, was elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 1968.
Dr. John Hope Franklin by Everett Raymond Kinstler
Franklin's prolific writing might only be outdone by his dedication to civil rights. His work From Slavery to Freedom was first published in 1947 and has sold more than three million copies worldwide.
Edward P. McCabe, 1850-1923 by Simmie Knox
Edward P. McCabe established the City of Langston, an all black community, and the Langston Herald newspaper.
Roscoe Dunjee, 1883-1965 by Simmie Knox
Oklahoma journalist and publisher Roscoe Dunjee founded the nationally known Oklahoma City Black Dispatch newspaper in 1915 and shaped American history, serving as spokesman and leader in the civil rights movement.