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Oklahoma's New and Emerging Arts Leaders (ONEAL)

ONEAL Mentorships

ONEAL Mentorship Program

The Oklahoma Arts Council's ONEAL Mentorship Program connects Oklahoma's new and emerging arts leaders (ONEAL) with seasoned arts leaders who provide regular guidance on leadership and career issues. The goal of the program is to further equip and enhance the skills of future arts leadership in communities throughout Oklahoma.

Who Should Apply?

The program is intended for ONEAL members who are interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of arts administration and/or board leadership. Seasoned arts leaders are encouraged to apply as mentors. Opportunities depend on availability and mutual interests of mentors/mentees.

How it Works

  1. Complete the online application.

  2. Oklahoma Arts Council staff will contact you and let you know if a mentor is available

  3. If a mentorship match is made, Oklahoma Arts Council staff will facilitate your first correspondence.

  4. A 3-month report form for both parties to complete is required at the end of three months.

    1. Submit a 3-month report (Mentees)

    2. Submit a 3-month report (Mentors)

  5. A final report form for both parties to complete is required at the end of six months.

    1. Submit a final report (Mentees)

    2. Submit a final report (Mentors)

Program Requirements


Q. What are the requirements to apply as a mentor?
A. To apply to serve as a mentor or mentee, the applicant must be an Oklahoma based arts administrator.

Q. What is the expected time commitment involved to serve in the program?
A. Mentors and mentees should commit a 3-5 hours per month to the program through phone conversations, email exchanges or in-person meet-ups.

Q. What are the reporting requirements to the ONEAL Advisory Board throughout the year?
A. The Oklahoma Arts Council will make a report form available for both parties to complete after three months. A final report form will be made available for both parties to complete after six months.

Q. Is there a stipend involved for travel to meet person-to-person with my mentor/mentee?
A. At this time, there is no stipend available to participate in the program, but the ONEAL Advisory Board is actively seeking funding partners to make a small travel stipend available so that mentors and mentees may meet in person at least once during the program. More information will follow should funding be secured.

Q. What are the desired outcomes for the program?
A. The desired outcomes for the program will depend in large part on the goals and expectations of the mentor/mentee pairing. These goals will be mapped out in the early phase of the program once matches have been determined. The overall goal of the program is to allow for an extended professional exchange between two arts leaders who will both benefit from a mentoring relationship.

For more information contact our Community Arts Director.