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Oklahoma Arts CouncilOklahoma Arts Council

5 Ways our funding impacts Oklahoma

5 ways our funding impacts Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Arts Council's state appropriation of $4 million is less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the state budget. Eighty percent of funding goes directly to communities across the state.

Graph showing Admin 17% Services 13% Direct Grants 80%

  1. Strengthens the Economy
    Our funding sustains Oklahoma's $314.8 million nonprofit arts and cultural industry and over 10,000 jobs. The industry generates $29 million in state and local tax revenue.

  2. Preserves our Culture
    Museums and festivals preserve and proclaim Oklahoma's story to thousands of citizens and tourists each year. We fund these "stewards" of our culture.

  3. Inspires Academic Excellence
    We support the arts education programs that nurture critical thinking skills, improve math and science scores, and develop our creative workforce.

  4. Retains Young Professionals
    Young, creative professionals flourish in communities made alive by arts and cultural resources. Our grants and programs make these resources possible.

  5. Promotes Community Development
    Council programs generate and equip leaders to employ the arts in creating vibrant communities. The Plaza District (OKC) and Brady Arts District (Tulsa) demonstrate the arts' power to transform neighborhoods.

Program Highlights

Building an Industry
Oklahoma Arts Conference

Our statewide development conference equips nonprofit managers, community and economic development professionals, mayors and city officials, artists, educators, and others in the creative industry. Over 325 people from 50 communities around the state attended the 2011 conference in Tulsa.

Students participating in an  Arts Learning in Communities program
Students participating in an
Arts Learning in Communities program

Gang Prevention
Arts Learning in Communities

Our new partnership with the Oklahoma City Police Department is providing a positive alternative for at-risk youth. The program includes weekly after-school art classes hosted at two inner-city community centers.

Teaching Oklahoma History
Capitol Art Travel Subsidies

Students from 339 schools are learning about Oklahoma history through our Teaching with Capitol Art online curriculum while our new Capitol art field trip program has given students from 40 schools an engaging educational experience.

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