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Sunshine Hahn

Sunshine Hahn

Booking Information:

Sunshine Hahn
8923 N. Midwest Blvd.
Jones, OK 73049


(405) 802-1616



Year round


Solo Concert/Performance - $500 - $1500
Duo or Trio Concert/Performance - $750 - $3000


Sunshine Hahn is a young and talented singer/songwriter who has chosen the Blues as her muse. Her commitment to the form and respect for the traditions and heritage of this music is evident from start to finish of every performance. Hahn's voice reflects the acrobatic mastery of her influences: Nina Simone, Ray Charles, and Bonnnie Raitt, among others. The diverse artistry that inspires her music mixes impeccably with her personal style, and it becomes impossible to separate cover from original composition. This combination allows Hahn the freedom to create new arenas within the traditional forms of blues, jazz, and folk... to interpret and experiment. She can grab your attention with a folk standard or execute a horn heavy jazz composition with just her guitar. At any given moment, her voice transports an audience from Memphis to Chicago, to Texas or New Orleans, now or in any past decade. Hahn's guitar style is deceptively simple yet efficient, effective and minimalist, and it's the voice that speaks to her depth. Her conviction is to keep the integrity of these pioneers' art form intact, and she does so, more often than not, alone with just a guitar and a microphone. Hahn can be seen performing live across the country. She delivers captivating songs straight from the roots of America's original artform; and her performances endear her to patrons of all ages time and again. Sunshine Hahn is a true "ambassador of the blues."