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Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park

Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park

Booking Information:

Sue Ellen Reiman
PO Box 1437
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1437


(405) 235-3700




A Christmas Carol November & December
Other productions available all year


Shakespeare off the Shelf: $1500
Marauding through the Night: $450
A Christmas Carol: $2000
Workshops: $100-$200


Experience the romance, the drama and the comedy of great literature with Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. The magic places, the cruel deceptions and the hauntingly beautiful passages from the works of Shakespeare are available from the professional classical theatre company.

Shakespeare off the Shelf is a four-person romp through one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies - an ideal introduction for any school or community group. Marauding through the Night is a one-man performance of Homer's The Iliad (as translated by Robert Fagles) brought to thrilling life. Workshops on topics from acting and stage combat to improvisation and theatre business are also available.

Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park brings the joy of the classics to your school or community and "prepare ye for a lark!"