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DocFell & Co.

DocFell & Co.

Booking Information:

John Fell
506 Forest Ridge
Tahlequah, OK 74464


(918) 864-0660




Year round




DocFell & Co. officially formed in 2011, but the seeds of the band were planted many years before when a dream conjured a melody and words for their song, "I Do." After fully embracing songwriting and Americana roots, the duo would record the tune along with nine others before releasing their debut album, "Scissor Tail," in December 2014. The album includes "Tears in Texas," a song about a friend finding the courage to leave an abusive relationship, which became the band's first track to receive radio play. In the album, the duo embraces their personal experiences, and those of friends and family, featuring songs such as "Sweet Sugar Momma," written about their friend Joe and the perils of a traveling musician getting stranded on a cross country gig.

Presently, with tracks written for their sophomore album, DocFell & Co. have begun the process of recording. The first track, "Oklahoma Lady," nearing completion, is a love song written to the band's home state, with a vision of her as a lady.

DocFell & Co. often performs in northeast Oklahoma and is available statewide year-round.