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Ballet Flamenco Español &
Los Niños De España y Mexico

Ballet Flamenco Espa?ol / Los Ni?os De Espa?a y Mexico

Booking Information:

Pandora Tadefa-Everett
PO Box 668
Norman, OK 73070


(405) 326-2848
(405) 447-4034




Year round


Full Concert: 8-10 performers - $3000-$4500
Abbreviated Concert: 6-9 - $2000-$3500
Mini Concert: 6-9 - $1500-$2500
School Concert: 6-10 - $500-$1500
Workshop: add $500 in conjunction with any of the above.
Guitarists upon availability: $500 Singer/Poet upon availability: $500


Ballet Flamenco Espanol Co. – Ballet Folclorico Mexico Co. is a not-for-profit touring/performing company dedicated to the preservation of Spanish Dance, the promotion of education and literacy and the prevention of cruelty to children and animals. Programming includes representations of the five provinces of Spain, the four schools of Spanish Dance including the oldest Celtic nation in the world, (The Kingdom of Galiz) and all 33 States of Mexico with wooden shoes, castanets and swords. Included in programming are historical explanations of the dance and costuming and its connections to American history.

Ballet Flamenco Espanol Co. & Ballet Folclorico Mexico Co. is based in Norman, Oklahoma under the artistic direction of Pandora Tadefa-Everett, M.A,. A highly decorated US Air Force Veteran of 26 years, and U.S. Citizen born in England and a native of Galicia, Spain. The company was founded in 1983 by Ms Tadefa-Everett and currently offers authentic Spanish culture to the community. Members of the Celtic Nations Association and the National Flamenco-Folklorico Foundation, Ballet Flamenco Espanol Co. – Ballet Folclorico Mexico Co. established a junior company–Los Niños De España y Mexico providing free dance & educational scholarships to disadvantaged children in the community. The company and organization is registered/recognized by King Juan Carlos of Spain and the Spanish Consulate in its' cultural exchanges.