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Teaching with Capitol Art

Teacher Resources Guide

Visual Art Vocabulary
The Oklahoma Board of Education has included a Visual Art Glossary in the PASS Objectives for Visual Art. Many of the terms included in the glossary will be used throughout the online resources for the Capitol Art Collection.

Priority Academic Student Skills- Visual Art Glossary (page 51-54)

Elements of Art and Principles of Design
The Oklahoma Board of Education's PASS Objectives for Visual Art outlines the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Developing an understanding of these elements and principles helps students learn to analyze and talk about art.

Priority Academic Student Skills- Elements of Art and Principles of Design (page 56-57)

The Kennedy Center's ARTSEDGE resource offers a helpful activity about the elements of art.

Rhythm and Art: Elements of Art

Visual Art Analysis and Critique
Developing the technique of art analysis provides students with the ability to organize visual information and express themselves verbally. The Kennedy Center's ARTSEDGE resource offers helpful instruction and activities on analysis and critique:

Formal Visual Analysis: The Elements & Principles of Composition
Teaching Students to Critique
Art Critiques Made Easy