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Wall Hanging

by Thomas Manhart

Mohair, porcelain
Dimensions: 60 x 26

Wall Hanging by Thomas Manhart

The Artwork

This work received First Award in the Fibers category at the Oklahoma Designer Craftsman Exhibition in 1972. It is constructed of porcelain and hand corded and spun mohair. This symmetric wall hanging incorporates high craft in which the dexterity of the artist is inherent in the creation of a successful piece.

The Artist

Tom Manhart earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Tulsa in 1959 then continued his education through a summer session at the University of Hawaii in 1961. From 1955 to 1961, Manhart taught youth and adult classes at the Philbrook Art Center. In 1961, he was appointed to the University of Tulsa faculty. He later earned his Master of Arts from the University in 1968 specializing in ceramics and contemporary American decorative arts. He continued to teach at the University of Tulsa for the next several decades serving as Associate Professor of Art, and eventually served as Professor of Art and Chair of the art program. In 1987, the Philbrook Museum of Art published the catalogue "The Eloquent Object: The Evolution of American Art in Craft Media Since 1945," which he edited with his wife and artist Marcia Manhart. Manhart served as the Guest Co-Curator-in-Charge for "The Eloquent Object" international touring exhibition through the Philbrook Museum of art which was exhibited from 1987 to 1990. For his work with "The Eloquent Object," he received the Ninth George Wittenborn Memorial Award from the Art Libraries Society of North America. In 1989, Manhart was the recipient of the Harwelden Award for Individual Contributions to the Arts and Humanities. Manhart exhibited his own ceramic sculptures and pottery across the midwest in numerous one-person and group exhibitions.