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Tiger Twin

by Daniel T. Kiacz

Serigraph, 1/3
Dimensions: 37 x 49
Gift of Lavon Short Kiacz and the family of Daniel T. Kiacz, 2007

Tiger Twin by Daniel T. Kiacz

The Artwork

Like many of the works of Dan Kiacz, Tiger Twin explores multicultural myth through animals. In this vivid work, he explores the attraction of opposing powers. Set in the early evening at an unknown location, a tiger attacks a saddled horse; however, the action does not depict a predator-and-prey situation. The horse's muscular size, red eyes, and fire-expelling nostrils indicate that it is equal in strength to the tiger. The two beasts engage in battle which may remind the viewer of the eternal entanglements and cycles such as day and night.

The Artist

Dan Kiacz earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University. He then began his career as a distinguished artist, printmaker, and professor at the University of Oklahoma where he was a popular and honored professor for thirty-one years. In 1987, he received the Distinguished Lectureship Award given by the OU Associates. Ten years later he was named the Irene and Julian J. Rothbaum Presidential Professor of Excellence in the Arts, and in 1998, he was named the Brian and Sandra O'Brien Presidential Professor. Kiacz is well known for his serigraphs which explore folk tales from the Mexican/Hispanic Southwest and often involve animals or tell of multicultural myths. His work is held in many private and public collections including a large selection of works in the Oklahoma Arts Institute Collection at Quartz Mountain.