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Old Central City of Köln

by John Jernigan

4 color photograph
Gift of the artist, 2006

Old Central City of Köln by John Jernigan

The Artwork

Showing the diversity of the architecture, this photograph depicts the legacy and the progress of the German city of Köln. The brightly colored and very angular foreground contrasts greatly with the grand architecture and tonal quality of the cathedral in the background. Though upon first glance, it may appear that two photographs have been collaged together, this photograph is not altered. It is the artist's composition which highlights the contrast between the structures.

The Artist

At the age of ten, John Jernigan began to think about photography and the eclectic pool of lighting techniques and camera angles he saw in movies. With this interest in imagery, Jernigan began traditional art studies but found his true gift was in photography. In 1976, he earned a degree in photography from East Texas State University. For twenty years, Jernigan worked with noted Oklahoma photographer David Fitzgerald. Jernigan became a very popular photographer and pursued many commercial endeavors. He also became a regular contributor to Oklahoma Today. Though early in his career he found himself in the humble position of traveling across the U.S. with fellow photographers capturing images of freshly coifed women in beauty salons, Jernigan's career would later take him across Europe photographing some of the world's most iconic cathedrals. His work can be found in many private and permanent collections including those of the International Photography Hall of Fame and SSM Heathcare.