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by Mary Nickell

Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 48 x 48
Gift of the artist, 2006

Genesis by Mary Nickell

The Artwork

This large abstract mixed media work features collage elements into the painting itself which composed mostly of red and red-orange with shades of green and very expressive brushstrokes. As the title suggests, the viewer may find this work reminiscent of the spark that ignites a creative process. Alternatively, the viewer may see this piece as a reflection back to how things began. The interplay between the frenetic warm colors and the calming cool colors create a visual tension that supplies the focal point for the viewer to begin to explore the nuances of this painting.

The Artist

Mary Nickell began painting in 1984 and currently works in an array of mixed media including oil stick, acrylic, clay, and mixed media. Her award winning work has been included in many local and national exhibits, as well as private collections throughout the country. About her work, Nickel has said, "Use of color, line, and texture present a mood and images appear after many layers of paint and materials. I don't intentionally begin with a subject but sometimes conclude with a semblance of past experiences, memorable places, or fantasies."