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The Red Door

by Winnifred (Winnie) Hawkins

Mixed media, water media on canvas
Dimensions: 31.5 x 69
Gift of the artist, 2006

The Red Door by Winnifred (Winnie) Hawkins

The Artwork

In this abstract painting, Winnie Hawkins has created unity through the repetition of warm and cool colors. She has organized shapes with jagged edges in a manner that creates energetic visual movement at the boundaries. The Red Door is an appropriate name for this work, as the artist uses color and shape to direct the viewer's attention to the large field of red located just left of the center of the painting.

The Artist

Winnie Hawkins was an accomplished watermedia artist and co-owner of Studio Six in the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City. She began painting in her 30s. She studied fine arts at Louisiana Tech. To further her studies, she traveled to Italy, Morocco, and Mexico through the university. She also attended Springmaid workshops in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, very regularly throughout her career. Hawkins was a member of the National Watercolor Society and held signature membership in a large number of watercolor societies including National Watermedia Oklahoma and Kansas Watercolor Society. Her work has been exhibited in the Governor's Gallery and East Gallery of the Oklahoma State Capitol.