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Paseo Coffeeshop

by Diane Coady

Silk painting
Dimensions: 12 x 12
Donated by Pamela Husky, 2004

Paseo Coffeeshop by Diane Coady
Photo by John Jernigan

The Artwork

Diane Coady has had a presence on the Paseo Arts District for many years. In this small silk painting, she is able to convey much about the area with few but concise details. The pink background color, coupled with the use of purple, is reminiscent of the vibrant exterior of the studios and business along the Paseo. The grid of teal frames in the window of the background serves to illustrate that the meeting of this couple may be taking place in a specific restaurant that has served as a hub for the community for decades.

The Artist

Diane Coady adopted Oklahoma City as her home in 1981, and then years later, made her studio in the Paseo Arts District. Coady began as an art major in college, but soon shifted to pursue nursing. While a practicing nurse at Mercy Hospital, she found herself among fellow nurses who began teaching themselves needle arts. Coady then took classes and began to blend her passion for fine art and fiber. Though Coady is primarily self-taught, in 1996 she studied with accomplished Shibori artist Ana Lisa Headstrom. This experience greatly influenced her work and practices to pursue art full-time. She has has exhibited widely, won awards, and has been featured in publications. Her tactile, functional, and wearable artworks have been sold around the country.