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A Bowl of Summer

by Elia Woods

Photo transfer on silk
Dimensions: 9 x 14 x 6
Gift of Pamela Husky, 2004

A Bowl of Summer by Elia Woods

The Artwork

Using translucent silk on which photographic images have been printed, the artist is able to show the journey of the strawberry from the soil to the bowl. With a strong highlights on the image of the growing fruit and cool blues and shadows on the image of the cut strawberries in bowl, Elia Woods is able to visually describe the refreshing qualities of this summertime fruit.

The Artist

Award-winning artist Elia Woods has extensive training in art and design. She graduated from Berea College and made Oklahoma her home in 1979. Self employed as a studio artist and educator, there is a great demand for her workshops from museums, studios, and organizations. She has been an adjunct professor at the University of Central Oklahoma and continues to teach art and gardening for the Indian Youth Empowerment Project. Her work has been in dozens of exhibits and featured in publications. Her primary medium is fiber with a particular interest in photo transfer. Most of her images are from daily life, including the Oklahoma strawberries in the donated piece. This photo-fiber construction is made with heat transfer images on silk fabric.