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Art in the Public Spaces of the
Oklahoma State Capitol

The State Capitol Preservation Commission, established in 1982, was created to plan and supervise the preservation and restoration of the interior and exterior of the Oklahoma State Capitol.

The Commission is the responsible party for the placement of all artwork in the public areas of the Capitol, acceptance of artwork into the Permanent Capitol Art Collection, and the temporary exhibition of works of art.

The Commission reviews all requests for commissions of works for the Permanent Capitol Art Collection, the acceptance of donated works for display and the temporary exhibition of works of art in the Capitol building.

Commissioned Artwork
All commissioned artworks by the State for exhibit in the Capitol must meet requirements contained within a written contract developed by the Art Standards Committee of the Commission with the Capitol Architect/Curator.

Donated Artwork
Individuals interested in donating non-commissioned artworks to the State must submit a written proposal for review and approval to the Commission.

Temporary Exhibition of Artwork
Any foundation, group or individual may submit a proposal to the Commission for review and approval for the temporary exhibition of artwork in the public areas of the Capitol. The period of request may not exceed more than one (1) calendar year. The Commission reserves the right to extend the temporary exhibition of artwork one (1) calendar year when the permitted period expires. Copyright and transfer of ownership to the State of Oklahoma are not required for the temporary exhibition of artwork in the Capitol.

Guidelines and Standards for Artwork
Factors taken into consideration in the approval of proposals include: the artistic excellence and artistic merit of the artwork; physical nature of artwork and cohesiveness in relation to other comparable works within the Capitol in size, style, theme and general appearance; and, dimensions must follow those outlined in the complete Arts Standards Guidelines. (See Guidelines Below)

Submissions of Proposals
For consideration of commissioned, donated or the temporary exhibition of artwork, the following materials must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Capitol Preservation Commission:

Submission of a proposal does not guarantee approval or acceptance. If a donated work or a commission is approved, all parties must comply with the complete guidelines of the Art Standards Committee and the administrative rules of the Capitol Preservation Commission, as outlined in the Administrative Rules OAC 115, effective July 2006.

Proposals should be submitted to:

Chair, Capitol Preservation Commission
c/o Oklahoma Arts Council
Director of Visual and Public Art
P.O. Box 52001-2001
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2001
(405) 521-2931

Art Standards Guidelines Addendum A
Dimension Guidelines for Art in the
Public Spaces of the State Capitol

Art Selection Procedures for donated or commissioned artwork are to be followed in all Public Areas of the Capitol. Artworks will be considered by categories. The category in which they are approved will determine the size of the work.

The five categories are:

*According to the Administrative Rules of the Capitol Preservation Commission, all two-dimensional works of art must be either oil or acrylic on linen and persons to be memorialized through placement of personalized works of art in the State Capitol must meet the following criteria:

  1. Individuals will be only those whose achievements and contributions to the history of Oklahoma and the Nation are of such transcending importance as to place the individual in a status clearly and generally acknowledged to be of paramount significance to the enduring history of the state; and,
  2. Such persons shall have been deceased for a minimum of ten (10) years.

State Capitol Preservation Commission Rev. 04/09

Request for Approval of Architectural Modifications, Commissioned, Donated or Temporarily Exhibited Art Form