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Laurette Willis (DoveTale Productions)

Laurette Willis

Contact Information:

Laurette Willis
DoveTale Productions
P.O. Box 1449
Tahlequah, OK 74465


(918) 458-1800






Childhood, Adolescents, Youth at Risk, Adults and Older Adults


Schools: Elementary, Middle, High and Alternative Ed
Community Sites: Art Centers, Libraries, Senior Centers, Parks & Recreation Centers


Statewide, Year-round


A professional actor, storyteller, and playwright for over 25 years. Laurette has enjoyed working with students and teachers as a featured artist on the Oklahoma Arts Council Touring Roster since 1993. She studied Theatre Arts at New York University, Circle-in-the-Square and Herbert Berghof Studios while working as an actor and improvisational comedienne Off-Broadway in New York City.

As a Certified Instructor with the Great Expectations Institute, she taught hundreds of teachers and administers storytelling skills, drama and living history in the classroom at Northeastern State University and the University of Central Oklahoma. She was the first artist invited to work with NACAIR (the Native American Culture Artist in Residence program.)

Nicknamed "The Woman of 101 Voices," she delights in helping students find their "voice" in the arts through storytelling, visual arts and drama.

Learning Goals:

Students will learn a variety of storytelling techniques, acting skills and theater appreciation through the use of stories, poetry, visual art and drama. Participants will combine stories, drama and visual art culminating in videotaped student storytelling for group assessment. Students will learn elements necessary for good rehearsals and performances, including improvisation, character development, breath control, vocal projection and diction, stage presence, and memorization. We will also study storytelling genres (fables, tall tales, myths, etc.), with their differences and similarities.

PASS requirements for the Arts will be met including Standards 1, 3 and 4 (Language of Visual art, Visual Art Expression and Visual Art Appreciation).

In keeping with National Standards for the Arts, students will: