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Jessica Kirstin Taylor

Jessica Kirstin Taylor

Contact Information:

Jessica Kirstin Taylor


(405) 808-2960





Childhood; Adolescents, Adults, Youth at Risk, and those with special needs


Schools: Elementary, Middle, High and Alternative Ed
Community Sites: Libraries, Art Centers, Parks and Recreation Centers


Statewide, Year-round


Jessica attended the State University of New York at Brockport to complete her Master of Arts in Dance Education with K-12 certification. In addition to being an artist in residence at public schools in Illinois, Utah, New York and Oklahoma, she performs with Perpetual Motion, Modern Dance Oklahoma.

Taylor's lively residencies are known for creating an experience that empowers the student to realize that they are an artist. Her high priority is to engage students in a culturally-based, standards-based, and collaborative arts residency that concludes with a performance where students share and express ideas through dance.

Taylor will collaborate with sponsors before the residency begins, as it is beneficial and necessary to determine and accomplish optimum student achievement through residency goal-setting.

Learning Goals: