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ZAP! Zany Arts Players
Prime Time Mime Players

ZAP! Zany Arts Players

Booking Information:

Doobie Potter
1845 NW 11th Street, #4
Oklahoma City, OK 73106


(405) 833-2126



Year round


Prime Time Mime

Plays for children and families $600
Workshops for children $100-300
Workshops for teachers $100-300
Solo show with Joe Long $250

Prime Time Mime!
Plays for Children & Families with ZAP $600 - 700
Mime show with Prime Mime Time $800 - 900
For additional performance at the same site $450
Solo show $250 - 450
Workshops with teacher or students $100-300


ZAP! zaps the young and young at heart with their noodle-head dramas from around the world. The three characters, Clown, Small and Extremely Long are affectionately called simpletons. They don't quite "get it," however, they have a great time trying to figure things out. Audiences have lots of fun watching and helping the Zany Arts Players solve their problems. In fact, the company has a zany way of reminding audience members of all the silly noodle head things they do.

ZAP! is as bright and wild as their costumes. Their performance style is very physical and stylized and great fun for the whole family.

The Prime Time Mime Players main goal is to entertain and bring joy to their audiences. They are involved in a New Mim Theatre style. "Not Necessarily The Blues" involves many entertaining techniques. Some of these are illusion Mime, Corporeal mime, Acting; both silent and spoken, juggling, clowning and circus techniques. The audience will see situations from realy life blown up in a streamer of laughter and fun. you can be old, young, non-English speaking, a minority in your own mind, wear a white or blue collar and leave this show with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. As Red Skelton always said "Don't take life too seriously, you're not going to get out alive anyway."