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Son del Barrio

Son del Barrio

Booking Information:

Wilma Ruiz
Enye Music
301 ? East Main Street
Norman, OK 73069


(405) 579-3693
(405) 473-6441




Year round


Full Concert: $1600 - $2150
Performance: $800 ? $1750
Workshops: $400 ? $950


While the whole world is tuning its ear to the musical showcase of the Caribbean and Latin America, Oklahoma is not left behind. Salsa and Merengue music are two genres flowing through Oklahoma that within recent years have gained much popularity among dancers, college students, Latinos and non-Latinos alike. With an average of 20 years experience in the music business, the members of Son del Barrio (Sound of the Neighborhood) are no strangers to the world of Latin music. Their passion for the music they play can be heard as they drive hypnotic rhythms and deliver enchanting melodies. With as much energy as their songs have, there is no option for listeners but to dance and forget about their cares.

Son del Barrio was formed in July of 2002. Forming the rhythmic foundation of Son del Barrio is Armando Rivera, a Congero from Guadalajara, M?xico. Much to the benefit of Son Del Barrio, Rivera is one of the preeminent Latin percussionists in the state and is a true veteran of the music scene. Rounding out the group on vocals is singer Robert Ruiz from San Antonio and Johnny Guzman from Puerto Rico. Later, Wilmari Ruiz of Puerto Rican heritage joined the group playing flute and singing backing vocals. In 2009, Son del Barrio added three new musicians - Osmay Gutierrez Danger from Cuba playing trumpet and singing lead vocal, and Danny Caldero and Tony Pacheco, both from Puerto Rico, perfoming on the bongos and timbales.

Together these musicians recreate the sounds and feelings that are experienced everyday in the world's Latino neighborhoods for all audiences. Through its musical diversity and energy, Son Del Barrio has the power to please all Latin Music enthusiasts and the ability to energize a wide-variety of events. For an exciting and fun filled performance, enjoy the tropical treasures of Son del Barrio!