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Loose Shoes

Loose Shoes

Booking Information:

Joe Brennen
1217 NW 42nd Street
Oklahma City, OK 73118


(405) 524-7259




Year round


Performance/Concert $500-$1200
School/Children's Event $300-$1200
Workshops $300-$1200


Loose shoes is a group of Oklahoma City artists who have combined to create their own sound unlike anybody else's. Their collective influences span the globe and usually land somewhere in the neighborhood of the blues. The music has been described by the members of the group as "Acoustic Roots Music with World Music Overtones." Their repertoire encompasses pieces from all regions of the world and includes blues, country, jazz, rock'n roll and zydeco just to name a few. One never knows what might happen at a Loose Shoes show. There have been conga lines, belly dancers, clowns and poetry readings. One thing is for sure. It's usually enough fun to entice the whole family to come out and join in!