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Dave Berntson & Bob Parker


Booking Information:

David Berntson
2110 E. 55th St.
Tulsa, OK 74105


(918) 381-8999




Year round


Performance/Concert, varying lengths of performances - $200-$1000
Overnight stay may require lodging expenses


The Duo-Sonics, David Berntson on harmonica and vocals, and Bob Parker on guitar and vocals, have been performing their unique variety of Blues to audiences for 10 years. Parker has performed with numerous Oklahoma ensembles and appears on many recordings. Berntson, a Hohner harmonica endorsee hails from Galesburg, Illinois and has been performing in Oklahoma for over 20 years. The Duo-Sonics have performed at blues festivals, arts festivals, concerts, restaurants and bars, as well as churches, private parties, fund raisers and schools. Whether playing a slow blues, dripping with amplified harp and slide guitar, or a full-blown boogie-woogie or jump blues number, this duo can really sing and swing.

Depending on the needs and desires of the event, the Duo-Sonics can perform 60 - 90 minute festival sets, full evening performances with 2 or 3 45 minute sets, before, during, and after dinner performance slots, roving acoustic performances, or any reasonable combination of performance setting. A typical performance will include instrumentals, and diverse vocal repertoire, encompassing many styles of Blues music. The essence of every Duo-Sonics performance is their ability to connect with their audience and deliver the powerful messages of the Blues.