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New Fine Arts Standards: What Do They Mean for Oklahoma Teachers?

by Renee Boone, Director of Arts Education Programs

This past July, Oklahoma Arts Council staff members were pleased to have a presence at the State Department of Education's Vision 20/20 conference in Oklahoma City. During the conference we were able to talk to teachers and administrators from communities throughout the state who shared stories of how they are incorporating the arts into their lessons in non-arts subjects because their school does not have an art teacher on staff.

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A few weeks after the Vision 20/20 conference, the Oklahoma State Department of Education released the C3 standards for visual arts and music. Oklahoma public schools with strong art and music programs are likely already implementing many of the guidelines, but for faculty in schools that lack fine arts staff, the new standards provide a jumping off point for offering quality arts instruction within social studies, math, language arts, and science curriculum.

The visual arts and music standards are each divided into four sections. For visual arts those sections are Presenting, Responding, Creating, and Connecting. The music sections include Responding, Connecting, Performing, and Creating. While the approach is slightly different between the two disciplines, both emphasize:

  1. The student's ability to communicate confidently about art
  2. Cross-disciplinary study that seeks to understand art within its cultural context
  3. Creative problem-solving

The full text of the 2013 Fine Arts Standards for Oklahoma can be accessed at the Oklahoma State Department of Education's website. Here are brief descriptions of the standards:

Visual Arts Standards

Music Standards

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