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Oklahoma Arts CouncilOklahoma Arts Council

The Earth and I are One

by Enoch Kelly Haney

Commissioned by Kerr-McGee in cooperation with the office of Attorney General Robert Henry and the Oklahoma Arts Council
Dedicated in 1990

The Guardian by Enoch Kelly Haney


This painting, by artist Enoch Kelly Haney, pays homage to the earth and the natural beauty of Oklahoma. The painting symbolizes the need for us to conserve the resources of our state, nation, and earth.

  1. The background illustrates the blue of the summer skies in Oklahoma.
  2. Crisp, blue water and rolling, green hills are trademarks of Oklahoma's landscape.
  3. A scissortail flycatcher, Oklahoma's state bird, is shown.
  4. The bald eagle, American's national bird, is shown.
  5. The birds hover above the Native American man, as if to guard him.
  6. Oklahoma's state wildflower, Gaillardia pulchella or the "Indian Blanket," is seen in the foreground of the painting.
  7. The central figure is a surreal (dream-like) depiction of a young Indian man, meditating and in total unity with his surroundings. His image disappears into the earth as though he is merging and becoming one with nature.